About The Staff

The staff of Vernon Dental Care is dedicated to you- you as a dental patient but, just as important, you as a person. You have a right as a dental patient to have the best care of your mouth. You will receive that, of course, with us. But we are also sensitive to the fact that not everyone is completely comfortable in a dental setting. You will find that you will be treated with kindness and care in our office. Our staff is highly professional, but all members have a genuine affection for people. This shows when you make your first phone call to us. You will be greeted by a smiling, cheery voice that makes you know you will receive gentle and caring attention from us. Our patients walk out with smiles on their faces, that match the smiles on ours.

Staff members have a combined total of more than sixty six years working at Vernon Dental Care. Dr. Bagdade loves that stability and dedication- and so will you!