A crown (sometimes referred to as a “cap”) is a strong, permanent covering over a tooth. Crowns are made of very strong materials, most often tooth-colored porcelain covering a metal core, or all porcelain/ceramic. The crown covers the tooth completely, usually right to the gum line, and visually blends in with the other teeth.

Some of the reasons for needing a crown include the following:

  • Restoration for tooth decay
  • Restoration for injury
  • Cosmetic Benefits

If a tooth has a very large filling or cavity, it becomes quite weak, and may well break apart. If this were to happen, the tooth may then need to be removed (extracted). The strong materials that crowns are made of would help you prevent further decay and breakage of your teeth. A crown will restore your mouth to a state of fully-functioning durability.

Another important use for a crown involves injuries to teeth. If a tooth, usually a front tooth, is broken (maybe in a sporting event), a full crown is often made to make the tooth look whole again, and to protect it from further breakdown.

A third and increasingly popular use for crowns is to improve the appearance of front teeth. If a person has unsightly front teeth, great improvement can be accomplished with beautifully made crowns. Their color, shape, and arrangement can be carefully customized to give our patients the natural look that they always wanted!