Tooth-Colored Fillings

Have you ever yawned or laughed in public, only to be self-conscious about those ugly black fillings in your teeth? Nobody should feel self-conscious about smiling. The services we offer can help you change that self-conscious feeling, with a confident one.

The current state of the art filling material is a tooth colored material called composite resin. It has loads of advantages over the old amalgam metal fillings. The most obvious, of course, is cosmetics. They blend beautifully into the color of the tooth.

But there’s more. For one, they are very strong- as resistant to biting force as the tooth itself. Unlike amalgam metal, they aren’t just packed into the tooth. Composite resin fillings are actually bonded to the tooth.

Millions of people have had teeth that break apart, often because of the amalgam filling in it. Those fillings act like wedges in the tooth, so that biting and chewing on them work to weaken that tooth. Because composite resin fillings are bonded to the tooth, they serve to make the tooth stronger, not weaker, than the metal filling had.

So, they are great looking, strong, and they strengthen the teeth when replacing amalgam metal fillings- sound great? Well, they are!